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Trupti’s writing and photography has been published in:







Trupti is also a regular contributor to AFAR online where she posts travel Highlights and creates and shares Wanderlists. Check out Trupti’s AFAR Traveler Profile.

Features and Mentions:

  1. Sep 2014 – Trupti was interviewed by Feel Free Or Fly India for a 6-part series on “Indian Woman Travellers, Leading the Way into 2014”. Read Trupti’s full interview here.
  2. May 2014 – Trupti’s photo and description of a gorgeous sunset over the San Francisco Bay as seen from a plane window was featured in the awesome collection of “Views from a Plane” by The Travels of BBQBoy and Spanky.
  3. July 2014 – Trupti was featured in a collaboration on Dream Destinations by A Brit And A Southerner. Read more about why Trupti wants to visit the Galapagos Islands!

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