Postcards from Santa Fe, New Mexico

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As summer draws to a close and the crisp cool winds of autumn start rustling the leaves and branches, and trees get ready for their annual season of color, I can’t help but think back to our warm sunny getaway spent in New Mexico. The state astounded us with it’s history and rich culture and plethora of things to see and do, surprising us with a tapestry of natural and manmade scenes around every corner. Santa Fe is considered a haven for art and artists alike. It’s easy to see why the creative spirit is alive and well in New Mexico, through these postcards from Santa Fe …

An adobe church in Santa Fe New Mexico

Buildings in Santa Fe look like they have sprung from the earth, reaching for the big blue sky canopy above. Made from a mixture of sun-dried earth and straw, these historic adobe dwellings are a sight to behold. From lofty churches to cozy homes, they are everywhere, contributing to much of Santa Fe’s unique architectural legacy.

Fiery Smoky Red Chillies of Santa Fe

New Mexico’s famed red chillies can be seen all over Santa Fe, both being used in dishes when cooking and also put up as a colorful wall hanging. Strung together on a thread with pods of garlic, these fiery smoky red chillies provide a spice infused kick with their distinct flavor to the local cuisine.

Mexican Talavera Tiles in Santa Fe

Handpainted colorful Talavera Mexican tiles brighten up the walls of Adobe homes in New Mexico. Originally introduced by the Spanish, the art of making ceramic tiles and glazing them was adopted by the people of Mexico and the craftsmanship that goes into making these gorgeous tiles is still alive and well in Santa Fe.

Sunflower in Santa Fe

Bright sunflower bobbing its head in the gentle breeze. There’s something to be said for the New Mexico light. Sunshine permeates everything around you, lighting a spark from within. With big blue skies and unfiltered light, it can be blindingly dazzling at times, but one cannot help but admire the purity of the brilliance that shines through.

Sprung from the earth in hues of golden brown

Even new hotels in New Mexico are constructed in the style of the Adobe buildings, keeping with the architectural aesthetic of Santa Fe. There’s something earthy, organic and almost primeval about these structures. Seeing them is a surprisingly moving experience, almost like they are alive and have the power to affect the human soul.

Colorful pillars in Santa Fe

Santa Fe does not shy away from color. To balance the earthy mud tones of adobe houses, bright colors are often used to accentuate columns, windows and doors to psychedelic kaleidoscopic effect.

Adobe Wall and Blue Window in Santa Fe

One of my favorite photos taken in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It encompasses the simplicity and beauty that can be found in almost anything when reduced to just the necessary basics. Earthy adobe. A bright blue window. And aesthetically pleasing rounded curved shapes, inviting the viewer to reach out and touch and feel, deeply. Santa Fe does that to you.

Happy Exploring!

~ Trupti

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