What to do on a rainy day in Costa Rica: Embrace the weather!

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So you plan the trip of a lifetime and arrive in Costa Rica. You are hoping for sunny blue skies, warm tropical weather, breezy balmy beautiful landscapes that will take your breath away. But the one thing out of your control is the weather. And the one thing that is completely unpredictable in Costa Rica is the weather. So what do you do when you land in a place and find that there is nothing but rain for the next few days? You do the only thing you can do. Embrace the weather! Here’s why it is more fun to enjoy the rain in Costa Rica than wishing for sunny blue skies.


No bugs or insects. Remember how all the guides to Costa Rica insist you bring bug spray and insect repellent? Well, if it’s raining, there’s no need for that! Bugs and insects dislike the rain more than you do, so you will be completely bug-free and no flying insect will even dare to crash-land on your nose and bother you when it’s raining. Even a light drizzle is enough to keep mosquitoes, sandflies and all manner of insects and bugs away.


Best time to do the hot springs. If you happen to be in Arenal, you should be happy it is raining! You don’t want to be soaking up in the hot springs when the sun is shining hot and bright. Where’s the fun in that? Night time slots are the best for hot springs, but these tend to get booked up in advance.  The next best thing is to do the morning or afternoon slot, and the rain makes it even more fun. Cold refreshing raindrops on your face, while the rest of your body is toasty and happy in the 103 degree geo-thermally heated spring water. Pure bliss.


Hiking in the rain. We’ve done our fair share of hiking in the sun and in the rain and I actually prefer the rain. Heat deflates me and sucks away all my energy and enthusiasm. Give me cloudy, cool, wet weather any day and I can hike for miles and miles without a care. Hiking in the rain is rejuvenating, especially in a rainforest where the rain makes everything come alive. And best of all, trails are guaranteed to be less crowded. 


Rain adds magic and mystery. Yes, the views won’t be crystal clear but wouldn’t you rather have a misty shrouded smoldering Arenal mountain in front of you rather than the stark lines of a granite monolith standing bright and naked in the sunshine? Add in some clouds and rain, and nature takes on an otherworldly dimension.  


After all, it’s a “rain”forest. If you are visiting Costa Rica, you are bound to be hiking through rainforests, whether it’s in Monteverde’s Cloud Forests or Osa’s Peninsula’s rugged Corcovado National Park. So, if it happens to be raining, remember that’s why it’s called a rainforest! There would be no rainforest without rain.


The plants, animals and all manner of flora and fauna in a rainforest need a lot of rainwater to survive and thrive. In fact, a couple days with no rain is the equivalent of a drought in the rainforest. So enjoy getting soaked, get drenched deliberately and feel alive when it is raining.


It’s just a little water, after all.

Happy Exploring,

~ Trupti

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