Volcano Village Lodge – A slice of paradise on the Big Island, Hawaii

Serene-Tranquility-Volcano-Village-LodgeA picture of zen

This serene scene greets you when you enter the tranquil setting of Volcano Village Lodge, in the heart of Big Island’s lush rainforest. Far away from the hustle and bustle of Big Island’s Kona side, the town of Volcano near Hilo on the East side of the island is the perfect place to get into a zen mood and begin your adventures. Located just 2 miles from the entrance to Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park, Volcano Village Lodge is a true slice of paradise, especially for those looking for an authentic and memorable experience on the island.

Volcano-Village-Lodge-Big-Island-HawaiiOur room Hale Manaluna overlooking the lush rainforest grounds at Volcano Village Lodge

As the name proclaims, the Big Island is really big. Most visitors get to see just a part of the island, often with hectic schedules and days filled with activities and sightseeing. Volcano Village Lodge is the perfect retreat to really unwind and spend time connecting with the island. Situated in a tranquil town designated as a World Heritage Site, Volcano Village Lodge welcomes guests from around the world to experience the beauty of the Hawaiian rainforest and admire the lush green, beauty-drenched eastern part of the island.

Volcano-Village-Lodge-Big-IslandFive magnificent rooms to choose from! 

With five rooms, each more exquisite than the other, Volcano Village lodge offers a jaw-dropping variety of luxury amenities along with many thoughtful touches that make you feel completely at home. The rooms have magical names like Kilauea, Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea, referring to the famous volcanoes on the Big Island. The room we stayed in was named Hale Manaluna that translates to house of the moonlight spirits.

Pitcher-Plants-Volcano-Village-LodgePitcher plants for real!

As soon as we arrived at Volcano Village Lodge, we were struck by how tranquil and beautiful the grounds were. What immediately caught our attention were these enchanting pitcher plants! Having previously read about these carnivorous plants only in botany books, we were awed to see them for real and completely mesmerized by their beauty. It’s no surprise that these pitcher plants thrive in Hawaii’s tropical rainforests and are a welcome addition to any garden.

Friendly-Cat-Volcano-Village-LodgeGino welcomes us at the reception

We got a very warm reception from Gino the resident cat and from the lovely lodge manager, Kelsea. Kelsea made us feel immediately at home with her friendly smile and warm vibe. After being checked in, we were stunned at how luxurious our room was! Each of the rooms at Volcano Village Lodge have private entrances and their own covered lanai (patio) in the rainforest. Furnished with amenities like refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker and TV, the rooms also boast luxury features like a fireplace, in-room dining, jacuzzi bath, organic cotton linens, even robes and slippers!

Spacious-Bedroom-Hale-ManalunaHale Manaluna room

Ceiling-high glass windows let in natural light as tall Ohi’a trees with bright red lehua blossoms and Hapu’u tree ferns sway outside the glass windows and doors. Even with ceiling-to-floor windows, there is a complete sense of privacy and tranquility. Our Hale Manaluna room came with a generous sized Queen bed, complete with its own heating system operable on each side of the bed, to stay cozy at night!

Attached-Library-Hale-ManalunaDoor from Hale Manaluna opens directly to a private library

What blew us away was that our room Hale Manaluna had a private entrance to the library at Volcano Village Lodge! The library is available to all guests during office hours, but in the evening after 6PM, the main office adjacent to the library is locked and a door from our room opens into our very own private library to browse and enjoy! Stocked with dozens of books, DVDs and CDs, along with comfortable sofas, chairs and lounges, the library is the perfect place to unwind after a long day.  We really enjoyed sitting here in the evenings, reading our books while listening to the gentle hum of the rainforest outside.

Lovely-Bathroom-Volcano-Village-LodgeBathroom inside Hale Manaluna room

The rooms at Volcano Village Lodge are decorated richly and beautifully. Organic wood in warm tones of chocolate and cream are a treat to all the senses. With thoughtful touches like a serene Buddha hanging on the wall, quotes from the Dalai Lama, as well as organic eco-friendly products and luxury robes and slippers, one starts to feel a deep sense of zen and relaxation.

Thoughtful-Touches-VVLodgeOrganic eco-friendly products

Everything that one may need during their stay has been procured and made available at Volcano Village Lodge. It truly feels like a home away from home. If it were possible to stay in Hale Manaluna forever, I just might!

Cozy-Room-Hale-ManalunaHale Manaluna room at Volcano Village Lodge

The bed and dining table overlook huge picture windows through which gentle light streams through, as trees and ferns in all shades of green peep in through the windows.

Breakfast-Feast-Volcano-Village-LodgeBreakfast on day one of our stay

Guests at Volcano Village Lodge come to spend time admist nature, in contemplation and serenity. In keeping with this desire, Volcano Village Lodge has hit upon a brilliant way to serve hot breakfast, that is both home-cooked and delicious. A hot dish like quiche, sausages or french toast is prepared by Kelsea the lodge manager the previous evening. These dishes are wrapped up neatly and kept in the refrigerator in each room. The next morning, all that we have to do, is heat up breakfast in the toaster oven / microwave and voila! A delicious hot breakfast is ready to be enjoyed in the privacy of our room.

Breakfast-Quiche-Volcano-Village-LodgeBreakfast on day two of our stay

We were blown away by how comprehensive the breakfast was! Kelsea thought of everything. The first day we had delicious french toast and superb pineapple-sausages, along with a fresh fruit plate consisting of papaya, lychees and pineapple, fresh fruit juice and coffee/tea. The second day we were treated to an outstanding egg quiche, served with fresh papayas and cantaloupe, orange juice and coffee/tea.

Snacks-Fruits-VVLodge-HawaiiA basket full of goodies!

In addition to all this, in our room there was an adorable basket filled with goodies that we might need throughout the day. This included cereal for breakfast, fresh bananas and oranges, macademia nuts, energy bars, hot chocolate for the night, and even packets of popcorn if the mood for munchies got hold of us! They even had freshly ground coffee powder and a variety of tea sachets in the room to choose from. How remarkably thoughtful! We were delighted that guests are so well cared for at Volcano Village Lodge!

Lovely-Bedroom-Rainforest-SettingHale Manaluna room at Volcano Village Lodge

The cozy dining table in the room is equipped with a full dinner set complete with cutlery, plates, coffee mugs and everything needed to setup a delicious breakfast spread. We thoroughly enjoyed our breakfast overlooking the tropical rainforest garden, while listening to the waking calls of birds and the soothing drizzle that accompanied dawn before the sun came out shining in all its glory.

Beautiful-FlowersBright pink anthuriums on the grounds at Volcano Village Lodge 

Volcano Village Lodge is the perfect place to make your base during your visit to Big Island, especially if you are planning on visiting the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Located just 2 miles away (a 5 min drive) to the entrance of the park, staying at Volcano Village Lodge ensures you will have plenty of time to head into the park early in the day and explore the many magnificent sights that the park offers. Staying late in the evening at Jaggar Museum inside the park to view the surreal glowing lava lake inside the volcano crater is a must-do! We were thrilled that we could stay as late as 10pm inside the park to see the star-studded night sky and did not have to face a 2 hour drive across the island just to get to a cozy bed.

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There aren’t too many lodging options in Volcano, so the rooms at Volcano Village Lodge are usually booked months in advance. Click here to go to the reservations page and check availability. We absolutely loved our experience staying at Hale Manaluna in Volcano Village Lodge and can’t wait to be back!

Happy Trails,

~ Trupti

Disclosure: Volcano Village Lodge provided for my stay in exchange for writing about my experience. Regardless, everything I have said in this post reflects my honest observations and opinions.

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